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Uganda “the pearl of Africa” once described by Sir Wintston Churchhill in 1908 has a unique description which cannot be close to the truth……For Magnificence, for variety of form and colour for profusion of brilliant life-plant, bird, reptile, beast- for true vast scale, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa”……situated in the heart of Africa ,astride equator ,boasts of wide diverse of landscape from ragged snow capped mountains the vast flat lands stretching to the horizon, Uganda offers breathtaking scenery.

The sensational Land of infinite geographical variations abounding flora and fauna with friendly people describe a small country Uganda  but great African nation "The Pearl of Africa".

Visitors to Uganda can enjoy many outstanding attractions : the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks and many varieties of species of animals  and plenty of bird life to bee found in other national parks – Queen Elizabeth National Park- the highlight of Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park, Kibale Forest National Park famous for chimpanzee concentrations, Semuliki National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. The spectacular scenery of undulating hills, the legendary mountains of the moom- Rwenzoris that provide challenging climbing expeditions and the Nile offering challenging white water rafting. The warmth of Equator and the  cool breezes of Natural forests and mist mountains generate a tender climate throughout the year not to be enjoyed anywhere else in Africa.

Map of Uganda showing National Parks

1) Source of the River Nile - Jinja.
2) Rwenzori Mountains
3) Lake Mburo
4) Mgahinga
6) Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
7) Kibale
8) Murchison Falls
9) Queen Elizabeth National Park
10) Ssese Islands
11) Mountain Elgon
12) Semuliki
13) Kampala
14) Kidepo


Source of The Nile River and Water Rafting

The Nile flows from Lake Victoria at what was Rippon Falls now submerged into Lake Kyoga. Still the Victoria Nile, it cuts a raucous passage west across Karuma Falls and through the narrow pillars of Murchison Falls towards Lake Albert. Finally the Albert Nile meanders along a slow wide corridor into Southern Sudan and to Mediterranean Sea.
Bujagali Falls/WhiteWater Rafting

Discover Uganda's best kept secret. More than 4000 miles in length, the mighty Nile is the longest on the planet. It roars to life as the White Nile (also known as the Victoria) minutes after slipping quietly from Lake Victoria. Huge standing waves leap from the clear blue skies and rock walls vibrate from the power of the thundering rapids. Be among the first to experience the breathtaking thrill and excitement of the Nile water rafting from this point of Bujagali falls.

Ngamba Island

This a home orphanage chimps. It is located on Lake Victoria . Chimp viewing goes at specific time in the day. You will experience the habituation of these close cousins  . It requires a day’s excursion from Entebbe.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center| & Botanical Gardens

Uganda Wildlife Center formerly known, as Entebbe zoo is located in Entebbe town and is  another fascinating place to visit. This place offers Uganda at glance.

The famous botanical gardens will treat you to calm serene shores of Lake Victoria where you will be able to see different species of trees with 300 years plus. Medicinal and botany researchers find this place amazing. Birders are greeted by different species of birds that inhibit this region.


Uganda is several ethnic groupings country giving a rich culture dating back 1000years. Our peoples’ hospitality is not comparable to any other in Africa. A lot of crafts, costumes, regalia can emphasize our culture. 


Short morning tour of Kampala City highlights including the colourful Nakasero market ,the mysterious Kasubi tombs, religious establishments, Uganda Museum Visit to cultural sites-the Lubiri-Bulange seat of kings of Buganda, and for greater Kampala visit Bahai Temple and Namungongo Martyrs Shrine.


A gem of Islands, virgin and fascinating free from human interruption . Enjoy white sand beaches, forest walks, bird watching and lady bird watching plus swimming and sun bathing.



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