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About us

The core goal of Business & Corporate Travels as a new business entity is to achieve a good fit between the agency’s internal skills, capabilities and resources with external opportunities to mitigate threats.

We believe in building and maintaining successful relationships and are passionate about our values that also include:

Performance: The service and advice we shall give must meet the highest standards of professionalism and integrity; we promote excellence and are responsive

People: We believe in maintaining and developing excellence in our people/team as they are the source of our reputation and success;

Value for money: We value our clients and must deliver value for money and continually review our activities to ensure that we operate in a cost, effective way.

Objectives of Business and Corporate Travels Limited (BCTL)

Business and Corporate Travels Limited has the following objectives:
1. To provide a professional, dedicated and customer focused tour and travel consultancy to the travel industry;
2. To become a leading one-stop travel centre for Business and Corporate Executives;
3. To support airlines and other travel agents in identifying industry weaknesses and resolving them amicably;
4. To provide timely travel information to the industry in liaison with industry stakeholders
5. To work with the private and public sectors in attracting more tourism arrival in the country;



March 2018