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.Rwenzori Mountains (mountains of the moon)

If you like mountaineering, then the (5,119 m) high, snow covered Rwenzori Mountains - known as the 'mountains of the moon' and protected is a World Heritage Center -  offer you the unique experience you've been looking for. The mist-shrouded peaks provide stunning backdrops to this magnificent mountain. Ever since the Rwenzori became known to the World, its features have been changing. Today, the most visible and probably preventable, changes in the Rwenzori are the fragile vegetation along the trails. A trip into the Rwenzoris is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. You can do the central circuit in just 7 days and excellent guides will be there to add flavor to your experience. The few who have climbed this mountain have promised to come back, if you are an excellent hiker, looking for a lifetime adventure, please make your reservation now. For more information and reservations, book with us.



February 2018